Rosemont Engineering Firm partners with I-GO to reduce car fleet

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Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL) in Rosemont just got a little greener.

CBBEL has announced a unique partnership with I-GO Car Sharing, Chicago’s only local, non-profit car sharing company. CBBEL is the first I-GO corporate member to reduce its own vehicle fleet by more than 50 percent which is the largest downsize in a car fleet by an I-GO corporate member. The partnership also makes it possible for I-GO to expand its car sharing service to Rosemont, a brand new I-GO community.
“We are always seeking new opportunities to help reduce costs as well as be more environmentally friendly,” Christopher B. Burke, PhD, PE, D.WRE, President of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. “I-GO is able to provide us a solution to our transportation needs while helping promote our environmental mission.”

From 6 a.m. every Monday until 6 p.m. every Friday, CBBEL employees in Rosemont use two low-emission I-GO vehicles as their staff vehicles to go to meetings and make site visits. Every Friday afternoon, CBBEL employees shuttle the same I-GO vehicles to the Rosemont Blue Station. This makes it possible for I-GO members who don’t own their own car (or who live in households with more drivers than cars) to run errands, visit family members, get their kids to soccer practice and more. Every Monday morning, CBBEL employees shuttle the I-GO vehicles back to CBBEL’s office on Higgins Road.

“I-GO is excited to be partnering with CBBEL to advance car sharing in the private sector while also increasing use of public transit by CBBEL’s employees. This is a great example of how I-GO Car Sharing serves as a cost-effective and environmentally-sound fleet management solution. As a result of this partnership, CBBEL will cut the size of its fleet in half while increasing its access to highly fuel-efficient vehicles for use by its employees. We’re proud to support CBBEL in its continued drive to be more sustainable,” said Sharon Feigon, I-GO CEO.

The partnership with I-GO is one of the many environmental initiatives at CBBEL. CBBEL’s ongoing commitment to sustainability can be seen in their numerous green programs such as a green roof and garden, bike to work program, electric car charging station and recycling and waste reduction programs.

About Christopher B. Burke Engineering

CBBEL is a full-service consulting engineering and surveying firm specializing in civil, transportation/highway, municipal, traffic, construction, water resources, environmental, structural and mechanical engineering. Their projects include such things as the engineering of bike paths and consultation on commuter transportation options. They also focus on minimizing the impact on the environment in their projects.

About I-GO CarSharing

I-GO, Chicagoland’s only local, non-profit car sharing company, was launched in 2002 by the Center For Neighborhood Technology. I-GO’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people in Chicagoland by reducing their transportation costs, relieving traffic congestion, improving air quality, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and making it possible to live well in Chicagoland without owning a vehicle. I-GO currently operates a fleet of 300, low-emission, hybrid and electric vehicles in 40 Chicago neighborhoods and 5 Chicago suburbs including Rosemont.


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