IGO for developers

opportunity_sign_smallerBy offering carsharing vehicles for a building’s residents, developers can reduce the demand for parking and offer residents a money-saving amenity. Everyone benefits!

To learn if your development can benefit from providing IGO CarSharing vehicles, contact Richard Kosmacher at (773) 269-4011 or richard@igocars.org.


  • can save money on parking construction and reduce development costs
  • earn LEED credits (with a reserved space and two-year contract)
  • offer the convenience of IGO carsharing vehicles as an attractive amenity for future residents
  • gain flexibility in site design with less parking

Residents and employees:

  • reduce their cost of living by selling cars and driving less
  • live healthier lifestyles by riding transit and walking more


  • benefit from reduced traffic congestion and better air quality

The city:

  • attracts more development, jobs, and residents without subsidizing expensive parking structures

Carsharing has been proven to reduce automobile ownership, vehicle miles traveled, and automobile emissions. Cities that incorporate carsharing in real estate development can better capture and promote these long-term benefits. The City of Chicago currently allows parking reductions for transit-served locations (25-50 percent reduction, with Commissioner approval) and for small dwelling unit residential buildings over 100 units in ā€œDā€ districts (up to 25 percent, with Commissioner determination of reduced need). There is no provision for car sharing, and no developer has received parking reductions for including carsharing.