Set up a business account

Follow these simple steps and your company will be up and IGOing before you know it. If you still have questions, please contact Richard Kosmacher.

  1. Complete our application form for a new business account. You’ll need to designate an account administrator for your company and choose a rate plan. It usually takes one full business day to activate your account.
  2. All employees (including the account administrator) designated as drivers need to complete an application form to join the business account. They may opt for business account membership only or a dual account that also includes a personal membership.
  3. All drivers on the account must fulfill IGO’s eligibility requirements. After an employee applies, IGO emails the account administrator, who must then approve the employee in your company’s online account.
  4. Once approved, each new member will receive his or her own IGO access tag (an electronic key fob) and log-in information in a new member packet. Packets can be picked up at our office Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm, or we can mail them to your business address.
  5. Each month, the account administrator will receive a fully itemized invoice that documents application costs, drivers’ hours and mileage, trip purpose, cost per trip, and any other related charges incurred by the driver. You have the option to pay for employee trips once a month or within 24 hours of each trip. You’ll also have online access to review current and past reservations.