Prius driving instructions

Hybrid electric-gas vehicles comprise about half of IGO’s fleet, and the Toyota Prius accounts for dozens of them. We’ve even got two converted plug-in electric Priuses.

Our Priuses are a lot of fun and quite easy to drive. But if you’ve never driven one before, you may find its keyless fob and electronic transmission mode selector (it’s like a video-game joystick instead of a standard automatic transmission shifter) a bit baffling at first.

To give you a head start, we’ve prepared a couple quick-reference guides:

Download IGO Generation 2 (Ignition Slot) Prius quick-start guide (PDF, 443KB)

Download IGO Generation 3 (No Ignition Slot) Prius quick-start guide (PDF, 767KB)

So don’t worry. Once you get the hang of it, you’re going to love driving our Priuses.