Keypad instructions

Every IGO car contains electronic keypad devices, located in the glove compartments. Here’s how they work:

After you open the car with your smart card or access tag, pull the ignition key and key fob from the designated slot in the keypad device. As soon as you remove the fob, our computer system will begin recording your trip data. When you complete your trip, return the car, and replace the key fob, the system will record your trip as completed.

Reminder: At the end of your reservation, please do not lock the doors manually. Simply hold your smart card or access tage over the cad reader until the light goes red and you hear the doors lock.


Using the fuel card

The fuel card works just like a credit card at the gas pump. You can find it in the bottom slot of the keypad device. When you need to gas up (please refuel when the tank gets to 1/4 or less), turn the car off, open the glovebox, and pull out the keypad device. When you remove the card, the screen will display a 4-digit Fuel Card PIN. This is the Driver ID you will be asked to enter at the pump. The number only stays illuminated for five seconds, but if you need to see it a second time, simply reinsert the fuel card, start the engine again, turn the car off (leaving the key in the ignition), and remove the card again while looking at the screen. You’ll also need to enter the odometer reading on the gas pump. After you have used the fuel card, return it to the slot in the keypad device and resume your trip.

Using the hands-free phone

You can contact our Member Experience team directly by pushing the little yellow button at the bottom of the keypad. You will see two options:

  • Select 1 to be connected directly to a Member Experience representative.
  • Select 2 to make an emergency call to 911.

That’s right: You can use the keypad as a phone if you need to extend your reservation, report damage on the car, or are having any problems with the vehicle.
The microphone is located on the driver side at the top of the windshield. The microphone is not enabled unless you call us or 911. You’ll hear the other person on the line through the dashboard speakers.

Please use this method only if you need to contact Member Services immediately. Do not use it for making future reservations.