Plug-in electric car program

Not quite ready to take the all-electric plunge? Thanks to generous support from ComEd, IGO has two plug-in hybrids you can test-drive whenever you want. The converted 2009 Toyota Priuses maintain a combustion engine for when the main battery is depleted, thus allowing 80-100 miles to the gallon. These slick cars are located in the Millenium Park north garage (201 E Randolph) and at the AMLI 900 garage (900 S Clark) .

Thanks to their extra battery, our plug-in hybrids can get up to 100mpg for trips under 30 – 40 miles. That’s great for the environment, and it’s an exceptional benefit for IGO members, who use our cars primarily for short trips. The increased fuel economy results in lower energy costs and CO2 emissions – up to two-thirds over the standard Prius!

Reserving a plug-in Prius

After logging in on our website, IGO members can select “Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid” on the “Vehicles” drop-down menu. Or members can enter the vehicle numbers in the “Vehicle ID” box below the “Vehicles” drop down menu: 4405 for AMLI900 and 4403 for Millennium Park.

Operating the plug-in Priuses

Operating a plug-in Prius is similar to that of a normal Prius (and if you need tips on that, check out our Toyota Prius Quick-Start Guide). The difference is that before you can start the car, you’ll need to unplug the extension cord from the back of the car and recoil it on the spool. Then, after you return the car and swipe out with your smart card or access tag, just remember to plug it back in!

More tips and guidelines

  • Plug-ins start the same as regular Priuses: Keep your foot on brake while pushing the power button.
  • The cars will not start if the cord is still plugged in.
  • Do not plug in the cars at home or anywhere else you may stop mid-trip. Use only our dedicated outlet next to the parking spaces to recharge.
  • Every member needs to plug in the cord to the back bumper after each trip.
  • Please don’t leave the cord laying on the floor, where it may get run over and damaged.
  • I-GO has two parking spaces in both locations. You may park the car in either space, and the cord will reach to the back of both spaces.
  • The battery switch is to the left of the steering wheel and is clearly identified. (There is a red light above it.) This switch should always be left on.
  • There is also a small red light next to the power button that indicates the battery is active when it is lit. When the light is not lit, the battery is not being used, which indicates the battery power switch is in the off position or the battery power supply is depleted.
  • You may also monitor the battery supply on the touch screen, which flickers in the “info” mode so that the driver can monitor both the supplemental lithium ion battery and the standard Prius battery simultaneously. The two batteries are differentiated by two different colors: green and blue.
  • Please do not transport liquids in the trunk. Spilled liquids may damage the battery technology.
  • The trunks of our plug-in hybrids have limited space due to the special placement of the spare tire above the battery.
  • Driving and other detailed instructions are located in the top glove box. Look for the “Quick Start Guide,” which provides helpful tips on improving your fuel economy, monitoring the battery’s charge level, and charging the battery.